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If you’ve got a tenacious attitude, quick-fire pace and don’t mind getting a few bruises, our Rugby Academy can help nurture your talents to ensure you’re part of a fearsome squad of players, ready to take on the competition.

Competing in the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and AoC Sport Leagues, you’ll need your wits about you, but with our RFU qualified coaches we’ll ensure your passing is on-point, your reactions are quick and your defence is tight. Training takes place on the College’s grass pitches and at local Newcastle and Stafford Rugby Clubs.

Where could I compete?

AoC Rugby Union West Midlands Men’s League's

AoC Sport West Midlands Regional Championships

AoC Sport National Championships

Competing in this league you need to show composure and the ability to make split second decisions. Adapting training around your individual needs our coaches will look to develop you in four key areas:

  • Physical: Designed to instill lifelong fitness habits, the physical aspect of training will work on strength and conditioning ensuring you are match fit.
  • Technical: Your training will revolve around improving your rugby skill levels.
  • Psychological: It’s not just about how fit you are, you also need to have the right mindset, here we learn what motivates you and use it to help unlock your full potential.
  • Tactical: You’ll understand how to read the game, whether it be individually or as a team.

What will I learn?

Your training sessions will usually take place at either Newcastle College's Gordon Banks Sports Centre or local Rugby Clubs, guided by highly experienced qualified Rugby Football Union (RFU) coaches. Matches will be played either at college campuses or away on Wednesday afternoons. With teams also playing in competitive regional and national competitions.

How do I join?

Our Rugby Academy is open to 16-19 year old males. You can be a student on any full-time course and you’ll need to have a good level of fitness and rugby playing experience.