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Creative students showcase work at Staffordshire County Council sustainable exhibition

Level 3 Art & Design students from Stafford College, part of Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group (NSCG), were invited to work with the Officer for Climate Change at Staffordshire County Council as part of their Wear, Care and Share Campaign.

Talented students were asked to create pieces of work using textiles that have been thrown away to raise awareness of how people can reuse or recycle their old fabrics and clothes rather than throw them in the bin.

Creative Arts & Media lecturer at Stafford College, Jayne Littlehayles, said: “We are incredibly proud of the mature way the student’s responded to the Textiles Campaign brief.

“It helped them be more mindful of the materials they use within their work and raised awareness of working more sustainably, making them consider the impact our daily habits and throwaway culture have on the environment.”

An estimated 10% of what’s thrown away in Staffordshire is textiles, so the students were tasked with creating something new and innovative to encourage people to think differently when it comes to getting rid of their old clothes or fabrics.

“Many worked collaboratively to produce conceptual and creative pieces, working with recycled textiles in new and innovative ways,” continued Jayne.

“The collaborative partnership with Staffordshire County Council is also ongoing so we are looking forward to working together in the future to help raise awareness of climate change and sustainability. Watch this space for future projects!”

Charlotte Hutchings, Campaigns Officer for the County Council’s Climate team, said: “The aim of the project was to provoke thought about how much we throw away in Staffordshire and that most textiles could have been repaired, reused, given to charity, or recycled correctly.

“We were blown away at how quickly the students produced the amazing pieces. The ideas behind all the work were exactly what we were looking for and will definitely make Staffordshire residents to think twice about throwing out their old clothes!”

A selection of the talented student’s work is now on display within the County Council office building, Staffordshire Place 1, Stafford and is open to the public until the beginning of December.