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Leading Manufacturing Firm Gives Informative Talk to Engineering Students

NSCG Newcastle College welcomed representatives from EMS Industries Ltd yesterday as they delivered an insightful talk to Level 1 and 2 Engineering students.

The talk aimed to inspire and inform students about the various apprenticeship programs available at EMS Industries, highlighting the unique learning experiences and career development opportunities afforded to students when working on real-world projects within the company.

The leading engineering firm, based in Knypersley, has been a consistent employer partner with NSCG, selecting 2-4 apprentices annually from the College group. In addition to apprenticeships, the company actively provides work experience and will be providing placements for students pursuing T Level qualifications.

Managing Director of EMS Industries Ltd, Joe Meakin, expressed his admiration for the high calibre of students at NSCG, saying: "The students who come to work with us are absolutely brilliant and are always eager to learn.

“We come and do this presentation every year to encourage more applicants to join us either on work placements or apprenticeships and the uptake is always very encouraging.”

During the presentation, EMS highlighted the unique learning experiences and career development opportunities that an apprenticeship at the firm can provide. They also stressed the importance of hands-on training and the chance for students to work on real-world projects within the company.

Newcastle College, in turn, values the relationship with EMS Industries as it provides their students with direct insights into industry practices and offers a bridge between education and the professional world. The collaboration aligns with the college's commitment to preparing students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

Curriculum Leader in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, Nathan Roberts said: "It's fantastic to see companies like EMS Industries actively engaging with our students. Their commitment to offering apprenticeships and work placements significantly enhances the educational experience we provide at Newcastle College.

"Our longstanding relationship with EMS goes from strength-to-strength, they're also involved in a number of projects, one of which is a VR project that will allow students and staff to be training in maintenance activities using the technology to learn."

The talk at Newcastle College highlighted the collaborative efforts between educational institutions and industry leaders, ensuring students are well-equipped to meet the demands of the ever-evolving professional landscape. EMS Industries' commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineers reflects a broader trend in the industry to actively contribute to the development of future talent.

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