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Newcastle College Celebrates Inspirational Students with 'Student of the Month' Awards

Each month Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group hold a ‘Student of the Month’ awards presentation that highlights and recognises the individual effort, progress and dedication of students who go above and beyond throughout the year.

Returning after the Christmas break, we jumped straight back in with our Student of the Month awards presentation, highlighting the incredible efforts and successes of our December winners!

The presentations included a number of inspirational stories from staff about their nominees, including; students overcoming personal challenges and going above and beyond on their chosen courses with exemplary attendance and hard work. We've seen some amazing stories of success that we just can't wait to share with you.

Chris Riddell

In his A-Level studies, Chris's openness to feedback and natural self-reflective nature have fuelled his rapid progress, particularly in Biology, Environmental Science, and History. Chris's passion for the environment, sparked during the Duke of Edinburgh award, has evolved into a profound interest in conservation and the hydrosphere. Particularly captivated by oceans, his EPQ on shark species' extinction risks reflects a profound understanding of interconnected ecosystems His HE+ research project on ecotourism's impact on the environment was selected as one of just a few national finalists from many hundreds of entries. Predicted to achieve A* grades, Chris has secured a spot at Edinburgh University to study Environmental Science. Congratulations!


Pacha Greenwell

Pacha is hailed as the most dedicated Design, Surveying, and Planning T-Level student at the College. In a short time, Pacha has significantly honed architectural drawing skills, mastering AutoCAD, and emerging as a formidable young designer. Consistently delivering impeccable work on time, Pacha sets the standard for the group, demonstrating a remarkable work ethic, showcasing grades that mirror hard work and determination. Beyond college, Pacha designs publications for Reliant Group Ltd, Stoke City Football Club's main match sponsor. Pacha has further aspirations to pursue an Interior Architecture and Design degree at the University of Manchester. Pacha's passion and hunger for success are evident, leaving an indelible mark on the design and creative industry. Congratulations, Pacha!

Joao Grimaldi

Currently part of the Football Association's Leadership Academy, Joao is a standout representative for Staffordshire, engaging in a nationwide initiative to inspire young leaders in sport. His dedication led to a 4-day residential visit to Warwick University, where he honed networking and digital skills. Joao recently impressed with a PowerPoint presentation outlining his project rationale and leadership philosophy for coaching sessions benefiting young people with disabilities. Beyond his leadership expertise, Joao excels in Mathematics, finishing second in the 'Maths Masters' competition. Eager to grow, Joao organizes weekly football coaching sessions for Foundation students, showcasing his passion for inclusivity. Heading towards a future in Sports Therapy at Bournemouth University, Joao is a deserving recipient of this award! Congratulations!


Congratulations to all other students on their outstanding achievements and the admirable commitment shown to their studies.

Academic and Creative Studies Award - Mischa Bedson

Vocational Studies Award - Ed Cager and Dylan Peacock

Professional Studies Award - Michelle Wragg

Apprentice of the Month Award - Victoria Gibson

Maths and English Award - Kt Frost