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NSCG Stafford College hosts first national FE Student Summit

On Friday 28th June, Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group (NSCG) Stafford College hosted the first Association of Colleges (AoC) Further Education Student Summit.

Organised by the FE Youth Collective, a group of students who support the AoC to represent young people, the Summit provides a platform to discuss the issues facing young people in 2024.

On the day, students from 10 different colleges from across the UK took part in the event as well as guests from Sport England and the National Union of Students (NUS).

A number of NSCG students took a leading role in the day, including Sharon (Sha) Owusu, who represents the college as part of the Youth Collective. 

The day centred on students taking part in various workshops on subjects including wellbeing, enrichment, youth empowerment, inclusion and representation.

Their learning was then transferred to paper as they developed a written manifesto for the AoC, NUS and The National Association for Managers of Student Services (NAMSS) to influence and put into action.


Students also had the opportunity to network with each other, practicing their conversation skills and developing their confidence by meeting and engaging with other young people from across the country.

Georgia Carnall, Student Engagement and Well-being Co-ordinator at NSCG, said: “It was fantastic seeing students from across the country come together to tackle common goals and voice what matters most to them through the impactful activities that they created.

“We want to thank the AoC for choosing our Stafford College as the venue for the first event of this kind, and we cannot wait to see the amazing things that will come from it.”

Colleges in attendance were: Loughborough College, Leicester College, Blackburn College, Bury College, Dudley College, Shrewsbury Colleges Group, The Isle of Wight College, Birmingham Metropolitan College, Nottingham College and Peter Symonds College.