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Henry Moore Large Two Forms 1969 Courtesy the Henry Moore Foundation Photo Jonty Wilde courtesy Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2 scaled 1

NSCG students enjoy inspirational trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Level 2 Art & Design and Level 3 Games Design students from Newcastle College took a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park last week to take a look at all of the exhibitions they have on display.

Learners immersed themselves in the inspirational environment and took the time to photograph and sketch both the indoor and outdoor spaces, taking a detailed look at how they have showcased art and sculptures in alternative settings.

Acclaimed Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm was also showcasing more than 100 works of art as part of the ‘Trap of the Truth’ exhibition which features 55 sculptures indoors, 19 sculptures in the landscape, paintings, photographs, videos and drawings created over 30 years of the artist’s career with several works of art being shown for the first time.

Curriculum Leader, Natasha Hughes, said: “The purpose of the trip was to gather primary research for the students unit of study and to see a range of contemporary artists, designers and photographers who are displaying their work in alternative environments.

“Students engaged with exhibitions through sketching, taking photographs and group discussions and we also spent time in the interactive drawing workshop area where students tried to emulate the photography and sketches from the Trap of Truth exhibition.”