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NSCG welcomes Commercial Networks as a T-Level placement provider

Newcastle-under-Lyme based Commercial Networks has joined NSCG's T-Level placement programme to offer an extended work placement to one of the college's talented T-Level learners. Here, Managing Director Matthew Deaville talks to us about the business and how he hopes to develop his future workforce with T-Level learners.

Q. Tell us all about Commercial Networks?

A. Commercial Networks is a Managed Service Provider and we work with a range of companies throughout the UK to manage their IT requirements. These companies range from two staff members up to 300-user offices where they may have little to no knowledge of the product area. By using a range of remote tools, we are able to ensure that their machines and service have the maximum reliability and up time.

We utilise teams around the world to help ensure that we can keep their technology running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our security focus allows our Security Operations team to be able to spot any security breaches, day or night and rectify any issues before problems escalate.


Q. Why did you choose to partner with NSCG to offer a T-Level placement?

A. We wanted to partner with a local college so that we can continually work with them to develop students ability to be able to enter the workplace on completion of their course. This in turn will hopefully bring us staffing resources that are ready to enter the world of work and enjoy the technology industry.

Q. Which T-Level have you decided to offer a placement in?

A. We are excited to offer a digital T-Level placement and this will be our first experience in this new course area. For the last ten years, we have predominantly been remotive work focused and recently we decided to swap this approach to create our new office based in Newcastle-under-Lyme which is where our first placement will be based from.

Q. What do you hope to gain as a business from offering a T-Level placement?

A. A T-Level student is the next generation of employee who will be entering the IT sector and we are excited to tap into their skills. It is important to encourage and help develop their soft skills and technological knowledge to best serve the industry we love.

Q. What are you looking forward to most about hosting a T-Level placement?

A. We are all looking forward to passing on our skills and knowledge which we have built on over the years. Getting a young person's view on technology and where they see it going in the future is vital to the success of the business going forward.

Q. Are you hoping to employ a T-Level learner in the future?

A. It would depend on the learner's aspirations for their future career. If they find their time with us beneficial over academic learning going forward, then we would certainly look at this as a way of developing our future workforce.

Q. How do you see your T-Level programme developing over time?

A. We see being able to offer multiple positions in various aspects of the business going forward. Over the next few years, we are hoping to create our Newcastle office as a core hub to our operations and that having the ability to support our remote teams and staff all over the world. With this in mind, it's an exciting time to be able to bring in younger employees to the team.

Q. What would your advice be to local employers looking to get involved in offering a T-Level placement?

A. A keen young individual looking to get involved with business can bring great rewards, both to the business and company owners. Supporting the next generation of workers at such a key point of time in their lives can set them up for a great future and continued professional development.

If your business could offer a T-Level placement, email to find out more.