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Q&A with former student Isobel Mockett

Isobel Mockett studied Level 3 BTEC Business here at NSCG in 2022. She then secured an amazing opportunity with Vodafone with a Digital Sales Apprenticeship, so we caught up with her to find out more about her blossoming career.

How did you find yourself working at Vodafone?

I applied for lots of different apprenticeships, but then the opportunity of a Digital Sales Apprenticeship came up with Vodafone. It is an 18 month programme with the opportunity to off board into a full time job role afterwards. I applied from the Vodafone website last February, and did an online assessment centre along with a few online tests. I then received my job offer in the May. It is a Level 4 Qualification (1st/2nd year Uni equivalent) with a full time salary.

Can you give us an overview of your role?

My official role is a Business Development Representative. I generate leads and talk to clients (prospects) about what Cyber Security managed services we can provide to them. I do research on all the potential prospects, before taking them through discovery calls then hand them over to the Senior Sales Specialists for product decisions and sale close.

Alongside my job role, I am now creating content for the Head of Sales at Vodafone on his social media channels. I also help create content for the BILL talks at Vodafone (Big Inspiring Learning Lunch) which is like TED talks, short presentations to educate and inspire the audience, but for Vodafone employees.

Since starting to help with the content creation I have transferred the skills to use on my own social media channels. I have created my own platforms for my outdoors/hiking/travelling that I do. I have grown my account quickly and have now started to get brands send me products to promote in my videos. I sold my car and bought a van to convert to travel in, as my Vodafone apprenticeship is remote, and I can work from wherever I want to 4 days a week (and abroad for one month of the year!) For me, this is so much better than going to university, as I get paid to do it too!

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So you’ve been with Vodafone for a year now, what kind of things have you been working on? How did your time at NSCG help to prepare you for the world of work?

I have completed my first assignment for my qualification, as well as my sales training, business deep dives and research for the senior sales specialists. I’ve also picked up creating BILL content and the social media content for Head of Sales and account management. The help and support given at Vodafone is second to none, and I also have my own one to one tutor with the course provider.

My course at college helped me to prepare for my apprenticeship as all of the units studied have real life relevance. From business type, to finance, principles of management, decision making….all topics have shown up in my job already! I much prefer the practical side to BTEC over A level and I’m glad I chose it.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship at NSCG?

I would highly recommend it! Going into an apprenticeship is a one way ticket to the valuable work experience that employers demand when hiring, even if you have a degree!

It is so good to complete my Level 4 for free, and get paid a full time wage on top. The financial freedom it has given me so quickly is something that you wouldn’t get at university….and you don’t end up with any student loan to pay back.

Getting the opportunity to work for an employer as big as Vodafone has meant I’ve had exposure to the top figures in the business, and I have been able to learn from the best. Everyone is always willing to help. Another benefit of an apprenticeship is that many businesses are moving to remote work, which means you get the freedom to work from anywhere, and the days I do go into the office, I get to network with everyone.

There is often a good social network with apprenticeships too, so you don’t miss out on the ‘university experience’. At Vodafone we have youth committees, who organise Christmas and Summer Balls, parties, football matches against our industry competitors, and lots more! They also have 4 volunteering days a year where you can go and help at your chosen charity- recently I did a 33km hike along the south coast for charity, and Vodafone doubled what I raised!

There are also 4 spirit days a year which are days you get off to support your own mental health and personal growth.

What was your favourite thing about studying at NSCG?

The teachers were fantastic and so supportive. Also, the course was interesting, I loved the course layout and the way that the teachers respected us and treated us like adults and not children.

Tell us a random/interesting fact about yourself

I absolutely love the outdoors, and every weekend it isn’t unusual to find me in the Lake District or Wales hiking up the nearest mountain. I have set myself the challenge of completing the 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District. I’m planning to do the National Three Peaks in 24 hours, the Welsh 3000s, and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. I make videos on all my adventures and post them to my online accounts, and have recently started getting brand deals in return for advertisement!

What 5 words would your friends use to describe you?

Positive, motivated, outdoorsy, adventurous, energetic.

What are your hobbies/interests?

Hiking, Yoga, White Water Kayaking, wild camping, Gym, photography/content creation/reading.