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Stafford College Celebrates Student Success with 'Student of the Month' Awards

Each month Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group hold a ‘Student of the Month’ awards presentation at that highlights and recognises the individual effort, progress and dedication of students who go above and beyond throughout the year.

Highlighting and recognising the individual efforts, progress and dedication of students, the presentations included a number of inspirational stories from staff about their nominees who have gone above and beyond on their chosen course area. Supporting the presentations we were pleased to welcome Tim Clegg, Chief Executive of Stafford Borough Council.

Chloe Round

Nominated to receive the Apprentice of the Month Award, Chloe chose an apprenticeship pathway after attaining her A levels in Electronics, Maths and Physics, despite being offered places at numerous universities. Following a week’s work experience at Collins Aircraft Aerospace, Chloe discovered a real passion for Engineering, which led her to apply for a job at MOOG, where she is currently employed on a Level 4 Apprenticeship, being involved with planning, decision making, quality, manufacturing and product engineering to name a few. Within College, Chloe is an exceptional student, achieving top grades across the board. Adam, from BTEC Engineering, states, "Chloe is an exceptional apprentice."


Ewan Ferguson

Ewan was nominated to receive one of the Student of the Month Award for the Faculty of Professional Studies. He is currently studying on the Level 3 Protective Services course and is known for constantly striving for self-improvement and working hard towards achieving his target grades. Being a key member of the AGFA football team, coaches have commented on his excellent attitude towards team members. Ewan recently participated in the Military Intercollege Midlands Challenge Cup, being judged on logistics, teamwork, engineering, camouflage and medical tasks. His team were successful in winning the challenge! Ewan embodies all characteristics held close by Public Services, particularly the ability to keep pushing in order to achieve objectives.

Isobella Matthews

Isobella was nominated to receive the Student of the Month Award for the Faculty of Vocational Studies. Her tutor commented that she is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom, always keen to answer questions and support others within the group. Isobella secured a work placement within a care home before starting the course, showing the extent of her passion and enthusiasm for the Health and Social Care sector. She independently carried out research into working with service users with dementia, producing sensory bags for the residents. Isobella also played an integral part in planning and fundraising for an event where the service users will come into college for an afternoon tea. The manager at her work placement has stated, "Isobella is the best volunteer they have ever had."


Congratulations to all other students with their outstanding achievements and admirable commitment to their studies.

Isabelle Trigg - Academic and Creative Studies Award

Ronnie Parsons - Academic and Creative Studies Award

Ellie Mason - Vocational Studies Award

Carys Barker - Professional Studies Award

Samuel McIntyre - Progression Studies Award

Sam Laird - Maths and English Award

Lachlan Hutchinson - Construction & Engineering Award

Michael Miller - Performing Arts Award