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Course Code: NEHELL11/NEHELL21

Course Level: Level 1

Study Mode: Part-Time

Course Type: Adults

Course overview

Functional Skills English is a nationally recognised qualifications and an alternative to GCSE. Acknowledged for its real-life application of English, a Functional Skills qualification will benefit you in everyday life, work and education.

During the course, you will study the following areas:

  • Speaking, Listening and Communicating through narratives and information (information may be on technical, concrete or abstract topics), discussions, detailed explanations and a presentation.
  • Reading will include a range of straightforward and complex texts on a range of topics and of varying lengths that instruct, describe, explain and persuade
  • Writing will include straightforward and complex texts such as articles, explanations and reports. As well as the development of spelling, punctuation and grammar, along with writing composition.
  • Your teacher will support you throughout the Functional skills course, but it is important you have a real drive and commitment to achieving a difficult qualification. Whilst studying with us you will need to complete an additional 2 hours of weekly self-study learning through homework and online resources.
  • For the first seven weeks you are enrolled on an introduction to Functional Skills English course, where you will be taught the essential skills to help you progress on to the main qualification. At the end of the seven weeks, you will complete a progress assessment, followed by a one to one with your teacher to look at your areas of strength and development.

You should be confident with reading and writing skills and where possible, but not essential, hold an Entry 3 or 1 Functional Skills English qualification. To help ensure the challenging English course meets your starting point, you will be invited to attend college for one evening prior to the course start date to completed an initial assessments, meet your teacher and learn more about the course.

The qualification is assessed in three sections over three separate assessments. Speaking and Listening is an internally set and marked assessments completed in class by your teacher, and both the reading and writing exams are externally set and marked. The formal exams will take place at a point when your tutor feels you are ready and an assessment window becomes available, but no later than the April 2025. In addition, you will complete regular in class assessments with your teacher to monitor your progress and get you ready for the qualification exams. Feedback and actions will be provided after each assessment, with resources available to further develop your skills within your 2 hours independent study time.

For further information, please contact Stacey Johnson on 01782 2542211 or email

Once you have successfully achieved the Functional Skills qualification you will have the option to progress on to level 2 or GCSE in English Language.

This course is FREE.

Course options

Flexible Start Dates

Course Duration

20 weeks

Course Days

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