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Course Code: SPGEL011

Course Level: Level 2

Study Mode: Part-Time

Course Type: Adults

Course overview

Improve your English skills and make a real difference to your life and career prospects. A GCSE English Language qualification is a basic requirement for most employers and education institutes. This course will help you to learn how to communicate clearly through effective speech and writing, and also help you to develop your analytical skills and express your opinions with confidence.

During the course, you will develop English skills with the ambition of achieving a grade 4 or above. 

The course is designed around 3 components:

  • Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing
  • Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives
  • Spoken Language

Throughout the course you will read a wide range of text from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, including literature and literary non-fiction, as well as other writing such as reviews and journalism. In addition, you will gain a sound knowledge of spelling, grammar and punctuation and effectively use grammatical terminology, and linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language.

Your teacher will support you throughout the GCSE course, but it is important you have a real drive and commitment to achieving a difficult qualification. Whilst studying with us you will need to complete an additional 2 hours of weekly self-study learning through homework and online resources. You will be required to attend 2 morning exams that will take place at the end of May and beginning of June 2025.

For the first 7 weeks you are enrolled on an introduction to GCSE English language course, where you will be taught the essential skills to help you progress on to the main GCSE qualification. At the end of the seven weeks, you will complete a progress assessment, followed by a one to one with your teacher to look at your areas of strength and development.

There are no formal entry requirements. However, it is important you are confident with your reading and writing skills. To help ensure the challenging English course meets your starting point, you will be invited to attend college for one evening prior to the course start date to completed an initial assessments, meet your teacher and learn more about the course.

You will be assessed by 2 externally set examinations at the end of May and beginning of June. In addition, you will be internally assessed every 5 weeks through in class controlled assessments with your tutor to monitor your progress. Feedback and actions will be provided after each assessment, with resources available to further develop those weaker skills.

For further information, please contact Stacey Johnson on 01782 2542211 or email

Successful students may wish to pursue further study at the College.

This course is FREE.

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Course Duration

24 weeks

Course Days

Tuesday Evening

End date


Class Times

18:00 - 21:00

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