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Course Code: SPGMA011/FAST/E

Course Level: Level 2

Study Mode: Part-Time

Course Type: Adults

Course overview

Do you want to understand how numbers, symbols and formulas enable us to identify and solve problems as well as find patterns and structure in the world? A Maths GCSE is one of the most commonly required qualifications by employers and universities, and by achieving it you will enhance your job and education prospects. Study this fast-track GCSE course to gain a recognised academic qualification in just a few weeks.

During the intensive 2 evenings a week course, you will develop maths skills with the ambition of achieving a grade 4 or above within 8 weeks. By holding strong number skills prior to starting the course, you will quickly start to develop mathematical independence through reasoning and problem solving skills. The course will follow six key content headings, these will include:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics

You will be supported throughout your journey on the GCSE course, you teacher will provide you with access to an online platform to help support self-study and address any specific gaps in your knowledge. It is important you have a real commitment to achieving the qualification. Whilst studying the GCSE fast track course, you will be expected to attend two lesson per week and complete additional online self-study.

For the first 2 weeks you are enrolled on an introduction to GCSE Maths course, where you will be taught the essential skills, attributes and exam strategies to help you progress on to the main GCSE qualification. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will complete a practice test to monitor your progress, followed by a one to one with your teacher to discuss which qualification is suitable to support your needs and aspirations.

You should be confident with strong number skills and hold, but not essential, a Level 1 Functional Skills Maths qualification. To help ensure the challenging maths course meets your starting point, you will be invited to attend college for one evening prior to the course start date to completed an initial assessments, meet your teacher and learn more about the course.

You will be assessed by three externally set daytime examinations at the end of May and beginning of June. In addition, you will be internally assessed every 5 weeks through in class controlled assessments with your tutor to monitor your progress. Feedback and actions will be provided after each assessment, with online resources available to further develop those weaker skills.

For further information, please call Stacey Johnson on 01782 2542211 or email

Where students achieve a grade 4 or above, they could progress on to a Level 3 Core Maths qualification.

This course is FREE to adult learners.

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Course Duration

6 weeks

Course Days

End date


Class Times

18:00 - 21:00

Course Fee


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What else do I need to know?

Please note that courses run subject to minimum viable class sizes. Please note there may be additional costs for books, materials or other expenses.

You will be required to purchase a maths set and take 3 formal daytime exams which will take place at the end of October and beginning of November, the exact dates will be communicated to you when you start your course.