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Course Code: NERAE011

Course Level: Adult Leisure

Study Mode: Part-Time

Course Type: -

Course overview

Explore the rich language and culture of the Deaf community while learning the basics of BSL. From finger spelling to common greetings and expressions, you'll develop essential vocabulary and grammar skills. Gain insights into Deaf culture, etiquette and communication norms to foster respectful interactions.

During the introductory course you will gain an basic understanding of BSL. Through practice with your peers you will be able to communicate through basic conversation such as address, greet and take leave of another BSL user. Your will learn fingerspelling to support your comiunication with others. Additionally, you will learning basic numbers such as time and date.

There are no formal entry requirement, but you are required to complete the introductory course before progressing on to the qualification.

BSL competence standards include requirements for candites to have sufficient sight, manual dexterity, facial and body movement to produce and receive BSL.

Your teacher will continuously assess your progress and support you throughout your study, towards the end of your introductory course you will complete a mock unit 1 exam to ensure you have developed sufficient skills to progress on to the qualification.

Please contact on Michelle.Davies 01782 254196 or email

Your next step will be progressing on to the formal British Sign Language Level 1 Award. Once you have completed the qualification, a wide range of further qualifications are available, including:

  • Signature Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language
  • Signature Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language

A range of financial support may be available for adult students to help towards the cost of your fees, equipment, childcare and/or other expenses while studying, depending on your personal circumstances and the course you are studying. For full details please visit