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Course Code: NPCHS081/1DL

Course Level: Level 2

Study Mode: Online-Learning

Course Type: Adults

Course overview

Explore the concept of dignity and its significance in maintaining the well-being and autonomy of individuals receiving care. Learn about safeguarding protocols and legislation aimed at protecting vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect. Develop practical skills for recognising signs of abuse, responding appropriately to safeguarding concerns, and promoting a culture of dignity and respect in care settings.

This course will give an overall understanding of dignity and safeguarding in adult health and social care. Topics covered include: 

  • Understanding safeguarding in adult health & social care.
  • Principles of dignity.
  • Understanding duty of care.
  • Understanding dilemmas and public concerns.

Be working or volunteering in a health and social care environment or other relevant working environment; have a basic level of English in order to complete the written assessments.

This is an online learning course and will require the learner to commit to self study hours in order to complete the assessments.

Each learner will be assessed via interactive online resources and end of unit assessment questions. . Assessments must be completed in the agreed timescale and submitted to the assessor who will then provide feedback, advice and guidance, and additional support if needed.

Susan Goodwin, H&SC Assessor
Tel: 01782 254121
Chloe Richards, H&SC Administrator
Tel: 01782 254387
E Mail:

There are further Level 2 certificates that you may progress to, which include: mental health problems, dementia care, and infection control, care planning, autism, learning disabilities, equality and diversity, nutrition. Also you may progress to a Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Adult Health and Social Care or progress on to an apprenticeship within the sector.

A range of financial support may be available for adult students to help towards the cost of your fees, equipment, childcare and/or other expenses while studying, depending on your personal circumstances and the course you are studying. For more details visit

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Course Duration

12 Weeks

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