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Course Code: SPHELE1P_R

Course Level: Entry Level

Study Mode: Part-Time

Course Type: Adults

Course overview

Enhance your reading abilities for everyday life. Learn fundamental techniques for decoding and interpreting written information across various genres and formats.

During the supportive 30 hour Award in English Skills (Reading) course, you will develop reading skills to help you within the modern world. The course will cover:

  • Reading for Meaning to help recognise the different purpose of texts, follow instructions and identify the main event within a text.
  • Using reading skills to identify common sources of information , as well as through illustrations and captions to locate information.
  • Reading and understanding the meaning of words.

You will be supported throughout your journey on the reading course by your tutor, but it is really important you have a real commitment to achieving the qualification. Whilst studying, you will be expected to attend weekly 1.5 hour lessons and complete an additional 2 hours of weekly self-study learning through homework and reading made available to you by your tutor. The course will include building a portfolio of evidence to enable you to pass the qualification.

Our Reading Understanding the basics course is intended for students who have not achieved an English qualification before, would like to start to develop their own reading skills and achieve a qualification by the end of the course.
Prior to the course starting you will be invited in to attend an interview with a member of staff, during the interview you will complete an online initial assessment, this will be used to assess your literacy skills and the level of course suitable for your needs.
For the duration of the first 5 weeks, you are enrolled on an introductory course and will be taught the essential skills to help you progress on to the Award in English Skills (Reading) qualification. At the end of the 4 weeks, you will complete a progress assessment and receive a 1 to 1 with your tutor to discuss which qualification is suitable to support your needs.

There is no formal assessment, but you will be required to build a portfolio of evidence to support your achievement of the qualification. In addition to the portfolio, you will undertake weekly tasks to help you build your portfolio and to monitor your progress. Your tutor will provide you with regular feedback throughout the course and will always be at hand if your need help.

For further information, please contact Joanne Petitt on 01782 254289.

You can continue to develop your writing skills by progressiing on to our Writing Skills for Life and Work course.

A range of financial support may be available for adult students to help towards the cost of your fees, equipment, childcare and/or other expenses while studying, depending on your personal circumstances and the course you are studying. For more details visit

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Course Duration

15 Weeks

Course Days


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Class Times

10:00 - 12:00

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Please note that courses run subject to minimum viable class sizes. Please note there may be additional costs for books, materials or other expenses.