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NSCG working towards a sustainable future

NSCG has invested in a number of sustainable initiatives in order to meet the needs of current and future students.

NSCG offers a host of academic, vocational and apprenticeship qualifications to almost 10,000 students. Our modern, large campuses and facilities need to continuously meet the needs of our students and staff, along with the ever-changing environmental factors. Sustainability is a key strand of the college strategy there is an inherent commitment to developing an estates strategy that meets the needs of our students and wider community within the context of environmental sustainability and ecological sensitivity. As such the College Group has recently invested in a number of initiatives to support our strategy.

As with many other UK organisations, NSCG faces the challenge of increasing energy demands in terms of both costs and efficiencies. Earlier this academic year the College Group undertook an extensive lighting upgrade across both our Newcastle and Stafford campuses, having energy efficient LED lighting installed.

The new lighting system reduces energy consumption by an average of 60% compared to previous fixtures and fluorescent/HID alternatives. The system is operated by sensor control, meaning that lights are not used unnecessarily. This not only delivers energy efficiencies but also reduces environmental impact and cost savings.

NSCG has also installed Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers to enable staff and visitors to recharge their electric vehicles and plug in hybrids. In a move to encourage employees to think more about sustainability, NSCG offer their staff the opportunity take advantage of a salary sacrifice scheme, where, for a fixed monthly amount taken directly from their gross salary, they get the use of a brand new electric or plug-in hybrid car.

Looking at our own vehicles, the College Group recently took delivery of two brand new electric vans, replacing previous diesel estates vans that were used by both campuses. The VN5 vans are 100% electric, complying with even the strictest clean air zones.

NSCG staff can also take advantage of Cycle scheme. This is a scheme where an employee can choose a new E-Bike or a traditional bike and hire it for an agreed length of time. After the agreed time the bike can then be purchased for a fraction of its original value.

Through the Group’s Sustainability Strategy and in a commitment to respect the environment, NSCG are dedicated to diverting as much waste from landfill as possible. A total waste management system service is undertaken by Brown Recycling Limited. The company provides the facility for onsite recycling for cardboard and paper waste. In addition to this all general waste from both campuses is sorted by Brown Recycling and recyclable items are removed. Through the contracted waste management system, NSCG adheres to WEEE recycling legislation, ensuring waste electrical equipment is disposed of and recycled properly.

Commenting on this number of initiatives, Carl Riding, NSCG’s Director of Employer Partnerships and Estates said: “NSCG is prioritising sustainability. Global warming, unpredictable weather patterns, energy availability and raw materials costs are all directly impacted by our approach to sustainability and conserving our resources."

“Sustainable estates development has clear relevance in an educational context and our students expect us to prioritise these principles now and in the future.”

“These initiatives are a marked move from NSCG towards investing in tomorrow’s future and tomorrow’s technology, today.”