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Prospective employers head to Newcastle College to discuss T Level opportunities

As part of #TLevelWeek, NSCG welcomed employers from the digital sector to conduct preliminary interviews with the Digital Production, Design and Development T Level students.

A host of prospective local employers came into Newcastle College as part of #TLevelWeek to find out more about the benefits of getting involved in our extended work placement programme for Digital T Level learners.

In a world of ever changing technology and the need for constant innovation, there has never been a more relevant time to discover the opportunities available in studying a Digital-based T Level.

Representatives from Blue Bay Travel, Commercial Networks, Encapsulate Group Ltd, Helping Angels Charitable Association, Just Family CIC, LilaConnect, New Guild Trust, the NHS, RSM UK, Recruitment Robin Ltd and Time 4 Sport Ltd had the opportunity to chat to other local businesses already involved in the initiative to hear how their employees are benefiting from mentoring and nurturing learners and the fresh ideas being brought into their business.

The team leading the T Level programme at NSCG gave the employers an insightful overview of the vision for T Levels and the many benefits of offering an extended placement to their organisation.

Students were also dressed to impress and were able to chat to potential employers and gather valuable advice and guidance on the employment opportunities available locally within this ever-changing and exciting sector.

Christian Lockley, T Level Placement Officer at Stafford College, said: “It’s been a really valuable afternoon for our Digital Production, Design and Development T Level students and prospective employers as it’s allowed them to discover what the qualification entails, the expectations from all parties and allows the students to have a taste of the interview process.

“Following today’s preliminary interviews, everyone will be asked to provide feedback and a shortlist will be created to help match students to employers.

“We’ve had so many new employers reach out and get involved this year and have seen returnees from last year who are looking to fill more placements opportunities.”


Level 3 T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development student Ethan Copeland took part in the speed interviews last year and joined his employer from Commercial Networks to assist in the process.

“Finding a placement at Commercial Networks following the interview event last year has allowed me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and has given me the chance to find out more about working in the computing industry,” he said.

“I had originally considered a BTEC course,” continued Ethan, “and was told about the T Level pathway and it sounded like a much better option as you get a rounded view on the industry you’re going into and you get to develop both professionally and personally.

“I feel much more comfortable in speaking professionally now and have learned many new skills which will look great on my CV and university application.”

Founder of Commercial Networks, Mat Deaville, added: “We have loved working with Ethan, our T level student over the last year. He has been a huge help within the business and seeing him develop as a person over time has been really rewarding.

“In offering a placement to a T Level student we have been able to hand over tasks, freeing up the full time staff’s time and resources,” added Mat, “and having Ethan on board has brought a wealth of new ideas and creativity to the company that has helped us look at tasks through different eyes.”

“Ethan has made a huge contribution, so much so we employed him to work for us over the summer, and with the soft skills he has developed being in the business, we class him as part of the team.”

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