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Students Dive into Fashion and History with Innovative Photography Project

Fusing creativity with historical exploration, students from Stafford and Newcastle campuses took part in an exciting photography project celebrating fashion and history.

Level 3 Hair and Media Make-up students from Stafford College and Level 4 students from Newcastle College combined their artistic talents in a captivating photoshoot at Gradbach Mill in Buxton this week.

Showcasing their creativity, the students were involved in all aspects from hair styling, make-up and fashion to period styling and photography, fusing artistry and historical context.

Throughout the project, the students were tasked with crafting a photo sheet that encapsulated the essence of a specific historical era, blending attention to detail with artistic flair to create stunning portraits and artistic shots set against the backdrop of the historical mill in the stunning Peak District.

Aimee Foster, Hair and Beauty Lecturer at Stafford College, said: "This project was designed to challenge the students to explore the intersection of fashion, photography, and period styling through the lens of hair and makeup.

"Students created a photo sheet showcasing a specific historical era and had to capture artistic shots in both external and internal locations so Gradbach was the perfect backdrop. They all did a fantastic job and the styling choices and photography looked brilliant.”

Adding, Jennifer Cadwallader, NSCG Hair and Media Make-up Lecturer,. said: "This was a collaboration of eras, from modern day to historical. We wanted the students to tell a story though the photograph by enhancing the location we were at using hair, make-up and costume and they did a fabulous job."

Check out the gallery below to see their stunning images and if you're interested in pursuing a Hair and Media Make-up course, click here.