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Trailblazing NSCG students become first to compete with British Army Esports team

29 students, from a mix of courses, recently took part in a unique trip to the Royal Signals Regiment in Wiltshire to become the first college to compete with British Army Esports teams.

Level 2 and 3 Esports, Level 3 BTEC IT and T-Level Digital Production, Design and Development students stayed at Blandford Camp, a working military base, for two nights. The trip aimed to demonstrate how Esports is used to build and strengthen teams within public sector organisations, and how it can be used for training and development purposes across various industries.

The students were given a full tour of the camp and were even given the opportunity to try out the Virtual Reality rifle ranges, before competing with both the Royal Signal Regiment (RSIGS) and a combined team from across all other British Army regiments.

The three teams challenged each other in Call of Duty and Counter Strike, and with the British Army recently landing 2nd

place at the Insomnia Gaming Festival, it was unsurprising that they won every match against NSCG- despite the student’s best efforts.

The NSCG team have already been invited back next year, with the hopes to make the competition an annual date in the calendar.

ESports Lecturer Connaire Delaney McNulty said:

“It was amazing to see the effort the students showed throughout the trip. They really threw themselves into the experience, which was so far away from their normal eSports environment (their bedrooms!). The students fully embraced the interactions and really tried to integrate with their new surroundings. They made the whole visit worthwhile, and we all have a great appreciation to the Royal Signals Regiment for the hospitality they showed us.”

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