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Course Code: SEGBI011

Course Level: Level 2

Study Mode: Part-Time

Course Type: Adults

Course overview

This GCSE Biology qualification is a recognised course that provides the foundations for a biology-related career or for higher level study. Aimed at adult learners, this course covers ecology, the environment, reproduction and the structure of living organism to give a broad knowledge of biological systems.

The part time GCSE Biology course is split into 8 topic areas: 

  • cell biology
  • organisation
  • infection and response
  • bioenergetics
  • homeostasis and response
  • inheritance
  • variation and evolution
  • ecology and key ideas

This is an intensive one-year course taught over 30 weeks. The pace is fast, and you will be expected to make time at home to consolidate what you have learned in class. Good attendance is essential to you succeeding on this course. 

You should attend the first session of the course to assess your suitability for it and to check that the course meets your needs.

Students will sit 2 x 1hr 45 exams each contributing 50% of the total GCSE

Paper 1 assesses the first 4 topics

Paper 2 assesses topics 5-8

Within the course there are 10 required practical’s which must be completed within the evening sessions.

For more information please contact Siobhan Clarke on 01785 275485 or email

GCSE Biology is a requirement for studying many science or health-related subjects and teaching (PGCE) programmes.

This course is FREE.

Course options


Course Duration

30 weeks

Course Days


End date


Class Times

To be confirmed

Course Fee


Additional Fees

£35 exam fee


What else do I need to know?

Please note there may be additional costs for books, materials or other expenses.