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Course Code: SFVAR061

Course Level: Level 3

Study Mode: Full-Time

Course Type: Vocational Courses

Course overview

Our Level 3/4 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design, and Media Practice provides a comprehensive exploration of creative disciplines, preparing students for higher education or entry into the industry. With a focus on hands-on practice and critical thinking, students develop a diverse portfolio across various mediums. Taught by experienced practitioners, the course offers a blend of practical skills development, theoretical understanding and opportunities for experimentation, fostering creativity and innovation. Throughout completion of the course, students emerge with a strong foundation in art, design, and media, ready to pursue further studies or embark on a career in the creative industries.

Unsure which creative degree is right for you? The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is a one year pre-degree programme which gives you the opportunity to experience a range of specialist subject areas and build a comprehensive portfolio of creative work. The emphasis of the course is geared towards exploration of ideas, materials and concepts which can then be directed through a selected specialist pathway of study. This highly recognised course will prepare you for application to higher education establishments across the country.

Exploratory Stage - In the first term you will explore and experience key areas within the field of Art and Design providing you with an understanding of 2D and 3D design processes, observational drawing techniques, research methods and contextual studies.
At the end of this exploratory stage you will be able to identify your strengths and make an informed decision regards how you would like to develop your work through a more specialist area of study, for example; Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Art, Illustration, Textiles, Fashion, 3D Design, Ceramics, Visual and Contextual Studies.
Pathway Stage - In stage two, you will explore your practice in a more focused manner. The emphasis is very much on experimentation with materials, techniques and processes and developing ideas and concepts towards resolved outcomes. The Exploratory and Pathway stages will form the content of your portfolio that you will take to your interview for your progression to H.E.
Confirmatory Stage -The self-initiated Final Major Project is a confirmation of your choice of specialism and your achievements are celebrated with a final diploma exhibition.

You will need a Level 3 qualification in an Art related subject, supported by 5 GCSE's at grades 9-4. A portfolio of work is required to be discussed at interview.

Throughout the duration of the exploratory phase of the course, formative assessment will measure your progress and provide you with feedback to guide your ongoing development. You will produce a portfolio of work which will be submitted along with the work you have produced for the confirmatory stage (Final Major Project). This work will then be assessed collectively, for the summative assessment at the end of the course. Work submitted will be verified by an external examiner and final grades awarded for the qualification (Pass, Merit or Distinction).

If you wish to find out more you can contact Ed Jeavons, Course Leader, by emailing:

instagram: @art.stafford

Over many years our students have applied successfully to study in a wide range of specialist areas. The course genuinely covers every area of art and design and leads to degree level study and careers including the following: Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration/Animation, Textile Design, Fashion Design/management, Three Dimensional Design, Furniture Design, Product Design, Jewellery Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Model Making/Special Effects Design, Photography, History of Art & Design, Museum & Gallery Management, Art & Design Education, Fine Art, Sculpture and Printmaking.

This course is free for anyone aged 16 – 18. If you are outside this age group, please contact Charlotte Robertson on 01782 254141 or email
College Maintenance Allowance (CMA): Anyone with a household income under £26,000 can receive up to £20 per week financial support to help pay for travel and meals and meet the costs of essential trips, books, stationery and equipment. The payments will be subject to full attendance on your course. A range of other financial support is available, depending on your personal circumstances. For more details visit