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Course Code: SFVMD029

Course Level: Level 3

Study Mode: Full-Time

Course Type: Vocational Courses

Course overview

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of game development and digital design. Explore the fundamentals of game design, animation and 3D modelling, gaining hands-on experience with industry-standard software and techniques. Dive into the creative process of conceptualising, designing, and developing immersive game environments and characters. With this diploma, aspiring game designers and 3D modellers will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to pursue careers in the thriving gaming and entertainment industry.

This full time, two-year course is perfect if you want to work in the UK's games or animation industries a market which grew 12.4 per cent to £5.11 billion in 2019. The course covers a wide range of creative areas as an integral part of the games, film, TV and VFX industries. The course enables you to understand and acquire all the skills needed to create games from scratch including art styles, programming and full game development.

You will undertake work experience in both years of the programme to give you the employability skills needed to succeed in industry.

Usually four or more high grades at GCSE in subjects that are relevant to the course you’d like to study, including maths and/or English. Alternatively, you’ll need a Level 2 Diploma with overall Merit in a relevant subject and maths and English at appropriate levels.

You will be invited to interview to show and discuss your current work, which may be digital, printed or hand rendered.

You will be assessed at regular points throughout the year as you complete each task within a unit of study. You will receive formative written and verbal feedback from highly experienced course staff.

If you wish to find out more you can contact Mark Cruxton, Course Leader, by emailing:

You can progress onto a degree course in Games, Design, which has a myriad of specialist courses at Higher Education level. You can also apply to progress onto a higher level apprenticeship.

This course is free for anyone aged 16 – 18. If you are outside this age group, please contact Charlotte Robertson on 01782 254141 or email

College Maintenance Allowance (CMA): Anyone with a household income under £26,000 can receive up to £20 per week financial support to help pay for travel and meals and meet the costs of essential trips, books, stationery and equipment. The payments will be subject to full attendance on your course. A range of other financial support is available, depending on your personal circumstances. For more details visit


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