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Course Code: NFVGM011

Course Level: Level 3

Study Mode: Full-Time

Course Type: Vocational Courses

Course overview

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of game development and digital design. Explore the fundamentals of game design, animation, and concept art, honing your skills with industry-standard software and techniques. Dive deep into the creative process of conceptualising, designing, and bringing characters and worlds to life. With this diploma, aspiring game designers, animators, and concept artists will gain the expertise and knowledge needed to pursue careers in the thriving gaming and entertainment industry.

You will learn skills, techniques and tips on how to design games, 2D and 3D animation, as well as developing concepts, and learn how to utilise many design disciplines and apply what you’ve learnt to projects which allow you to experiment with a wide range of digital skills and techniques. If group sizes allow, you should be able to move into a specialist group in the second year for Games Art or Animation & Concept Art.

Throughout the course you will develop skills and techniques when using industry standard software such as Autodesk Maya and tools within the Adobe Creative Suite to make exciting concept art and engaging graphic narratives. In addition to this, the course covers structured drawing development, research and analysis with a focus on enhancing your creative skills in the theory and practice of game production.

The course offers many opportunities to produce live project work in collaboration with local and national companies as and when appropriate and involvement in selected regional and national competitions is also encouraged. Work produced by students in the past has been submitted to the World Skills Competition, Newcastle Borough Council, Stoke Your Fires, Young Creative Chevrolet, and the college Christmas E card.

You will need a minimum of four GCSE's, grade 4-9 in subjects relevant to the course you’d like to study, including maths and/or English Language at grade 4 or above. Alternatively, you'll have a Level 2 Certificate with overall Pass in a relevant subject. If you do not hold an Art related GCSE you will need to present a good portfolio. 

If you do not have a minimum GCSE grade 4 for Maths / English, you would study these as a part of your tiemtabled study programme. These structured weekly sessions will help you to improve your skills in these vital subject/s. In addition, Maths & English development is integrated into practical course sessions and assignments.

You will be expected to bring relevant examples of your artwork to the application interview to help staff assess your suitability for art and design study.

This is a hands on, practical qualification and you will be assessed throughout the programme at key assessment points. This will involve research, project work, sketchbooks, practical work, design and drawing sheets, presentations and contextual studies notes and essays. All assessments will be graded Pass, Merit or Distinction.

If you wish to find out more you can contact Shannon Ball-Mulley, Course Leader, by emailing:

The specialist nature of this course ensures rapid development of your creative digital strengths. You can then progress successfully to a specialist Art, Design and Media University course such as Computer Games Design, 3D Animation, Animation, Conept Art, Games art, Comic Book Art and Multimedia Design.

This course is free for anyone aged 16 – 18. If you are outside this age group, please contact Charlotte Robertson on 01782 254141 or email

College Maintenance Allowance (CMA): Anyone with a household income under £26,000 can receive up to £20 per week financial support to help pay for travel and meals and meet the costs of essential trips, books, stationery and equipment. The payments will be subject to full attendance on your course. A range of other financial support is available, depending on your personal circumstances. For more details visit


Pass rate


achieved DMM+ in 2023