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Elite Sports Performance Programme


The Elite Sports Performance Programme (ESPP) was created to allow super talented athletes to continue studying whilst training and competing to the highest level.

As you might of guessed by the title, you’ve got to be the best of the best to be selected. You can be competing in any sport, but need to showcase that you are performing at a high county, national or international level.

The Benefits: There is a rigorous application process you have to complete. But, if you’re accepted on to the programme, you’ll be loving life with the following benefits:

  • Sports Scholarship Funding: You can apply for scholarship funding that will give you financial help towards training costs, transport and essential equipment
  • Free use of sports facilities and gym
  • Free fitness programme
  • Free ESPP kit
  • University workshops at top sports institutions
  • Dedicated Sport Science Support Officer
  • Physiotherapy, sports massage and rehabilitation services

Talented Athlete Scholarship Programme (TASS): TASS Dual Career Accreditation is a national programme that aims to allow athletes to reach their full potential in education alongside achieving success in their chosen sport. If you’re competing at county level or above, you can join this scheme and you’ll receive FREE use of the NSCG fitness centre, physio, strength and conditioning sessions, support with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nutrition & sport psychology advice, and lots more.