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Course Code: SFAFU011

Course Level: Level 3

Study Mode: Full-Time

Course Type: A Levels and A+ Programmes

Course overview

Film Studies is a subject that by its nature requires you to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues.

You will be introduced into the use of technical film language and learn about film styles developed within an American (Hollywood), British and world cinema context throughout the history of the cinema. This course will enable you to gain a thorough knowledge of the film industry as a social and economic institution, and to deepen your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film. Particular emphasis is placed upon visual storytelling and technical film language. Students on this course have been shortlisted for national, international film awards and won several national awards.

At the root of all film studies is a recognition that films are made: they are constructed using a range of elements - cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound, editing and performance (the key elements of film form) - which are organised structurally in terms of narrative, and often genre (the structural elements of film form).

How filmmakers use these elements, frequently in complex and highly artistic ways, is a large part of what constitutes the formal study of film. Equally important is how we respond to the authorial signature of filmmakers by studying relevant contexts, applying critical approaches and engaging in critical debate. You will look at key movements within Film History and discuss concepts raised within this artforms key practitioners and the social contexts in which they were made.

You will study the theories and practice of film at a deeper level, and engage in the production of a practical production as you move towards end of year exams. Some of the key areas you will study may include Classical Hollywood Narrative Cinema, Hollywood since the 1960s, Contemporary American independent filmmaking and British film.

Your Practical Production will be self-initiated and is an opportunity for you to show real creative flair whilst simultaneously embedding British film industry standard practice. Throughout this project you will have support and guidance from your subject specialist course leader.

You'll need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 5 or above including maths and English Language, in subjects relevant to your A Level or A+ Programme subject choices.

You will be assessed throughout the two years of study via frequent in-class tests designed to develop your essay writing and evaluative skills in response to exam board set questions. The first year will culminate in an end of year centre devised and marked exam, preparing you for linear exams in year 2.

The overall marks awarded for A Level Film in the second year are weighted at 70% for two exam based modules and 30% for a practical production (short film or original screenplay).

If you wish to find out more you can contact Alex Hannan, Subject Lecturer by emailing:

Successful completion of this course along with other A Levels will give you a great chance of being accepted onto a related university course or one of the college's higher education courses. Students from this subject have gone on to study Film at prestigious universities including Ravensbourne, Bournemouth and Kings College London.

This course is free for anyone aged 16 – 18.

College Maintenance Allowance (CMA): Anyone with a household income under £26,000 can receive up to £20 per week financial support to help pay for travel and meals and meet the costs of essential trips, books, stationery and equipment. The payments will be subject to full attendance on your course. A range of other financial support is available, depending on your personal circumstances. For more details visit


pass rate


achieved A*-B in 2023

What else do I need to know?

Our A Level Film Studies course can include:

  • Visits to regional/national film hubs and studios; Harry Potter
  • Warner Bros, The British Film Institute, Salford Media City and international centres such as London, Paris and Prague (Barrandov film studios).
  • Visiting lecturers have included Oscar winning VFX Director (former NSCG student) Pete Bebb famed for work on 'Inception', 'The Dark Knight Rises', 'Terminator Genisys' and 'Ex Machina'.
  • Film workshops have included ACCESS VFX, led by international visual effects companies including; Double Negative & ILM.
  • Monthly film club, animation workshops by Carse & Waterman and film workshops by Junction 15 Productions.

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