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English & Languages

Think outside the box.

We are bold, independent thinkers and here you'll have the space to explore fascinating questions and develop big ideas.

With our English and Language courses you can develop your skills all the way from learning a new hobby, mastering your GCSEs, achieving an A Level or gaining the knowledge to pursue your passion for English and Language at university through our A Level courses in English language and literature.

Available Courses

Language is intrinsically linked with a country's literature, traditions and history. If you want to explore the linguistic and literary heritage of the English language, understanding how it influences communication then our English language and literature courses are for you. Your skills of self-expression and analysis will develop as you read widely and look at the genres of poetry, prose, drama and a range of non-literary texts.

If you want to progress a career outside of the UK, then you can build on your interpretation and communication skills in a foreign language. Linguistic abilities are lifelong transferable skills that have important applications across the full spectrum of trade and industry. European living is opened up to you as your foreign language skills develop. Our beginner language courses for adults in Italian and Spanish can help you get started.

Our introductory courses in learning British Sign Language (BSL) can support fostering inclusive communication and understanding within the deaf community. It promotes accessibility, breaks down barriers, and enhances social inclusion, contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Help with reading and writing: If you panic at the thought of reading & writing we offer adult learners English courses at Entry Level, Level 1, Level 2 and GCSEs. Classes are fun and interesting, and you will learn alongside like-minded individuals.


The staff are awesome, they're so fun and easy to talk to and always offer support.

Isabelle Trigg


A Levels in English Literature and Language (A*), Geography (A*), History (A) & EPQ (A*)


Lancaster University to study Geography


NSCG is the perfect college for a balance of independence and support.

Cara Kelsall


A Levels in Geography (A*), English Literature (A), Psychology (A)


Sir Thomas Boughey Academy


Oxford University to study English


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